Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spencer Update

Its been forever sense I have updated our family blog! Lot’s has happened but we will give you a short update!

Nate: The best father and husband I could ever ask for! Nate always goes out of his way for the family. Loves spending time with the girls, hunting, and camping. Nate has been in an archery league over the winter and has had so much fun! He has been such an amazing support with the salon!

Autumn: I have been busy! Feels like life as a daughter, aunt, sister, wife, MOMMY, business owner, and friend never stops! The salon has grown to much! It's so rewarding sitting back and looking at the growth! There's nothing more special than my baby girls! Watching them grow is amazing! I LOVE to be a mommy!

AddiLynn: Over 2 years old!!! No more bikinis, No more bottles!!! Working on potty training!!!! Is finally sleeping in her own room :) My baby girl is getting big! She loves mickey mouse, princess and the frog, princess (beauty) and the beast!! Addi can count to 12, knows her colors and shapes! The other night when she was saying her prayers... (heavenly father, Mazzi Happy birthday you! My tv amen) Addi is in gymnastics and loving it!

Aspen: 6 months old!!! Scooting around ever where! Laughing and smiling all of the time! Eating and sleeping! Addi loves being a big sister! And Aspen loves the attention!

Maserati: Sleep, eat, play!!! Loves the girls and loves to snuggle